Tech Trends to Watch in 2021

Despite the unprecedented challenges put forward by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is inevitable to see how every aspect of our lives has been transformed amidst the digital disruption. The year 2020 has brought significant progress in FinTech, IT Sector and the way education is being imparted. There has been a tremendous acceleration in the use of technology to amplify the student’s learning experience, which makes edtech sector a good place to jump over and provide an impactful experience to all the students globally.

As per DataLabs analysis by Inc42, the total valuation of ed-tech startups is estimated to be worth $1.3 Bn by 2021.

Tech trends to watch in 2021

Virtual Learning: The paradigm shift observed in the education system from traditional classrooms to online learning methods is being accepted by a majority of parents, teachers and students. This learning is not only restricted to academics, but also other important and crucial skills like coding, project-based learning, virtual labs etc. All such platforms have ensured the involvement of students in positive learning and exploring new methods for recreation.

Gamification: Enhancing the experience of learning is the foundation for the existence of edtechs. As technology continues to advance more aggressively than ever, it has become a matter of concern to keep the student’s engagement intact. Thus, the adoption of gamification technology will be a more viable option to involve students in learning and enhance the experience. This can be possible by replacing usual toys with DIY Kits and involving high-end graphics in the platforms being used by students for learning online.

Experiential Learning: Learning by doing is a popular concept, where students can understand the subject more immersively and can connect with real-life. Use of DIY Kits, STEAM methodology and Robotics in imparting education may witness an exponential rise in the upcoming year.

The introduction of NEP 2020 will also play a significant role in channelizing focus towards EdTech, as it promises to deliver informal education, vocational skills, or technology-based educational courses as an additional tool to formal education.

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