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SCRATCH COMBO: Beginner+ Intermediate+ Expert

Combo Course Overview

Duration: 96 Hours

48 Hours Live Sessions + 48 Hours Self-learning Sessions

Learn from A to Z of Scratch Programming in our special internship program.


Block Coding simplifies the art of coding for young minds, wherewith the help of the visual blocks students can experiment and create their own games, animations and stories.

This Block Coding Course from Tinker Coders helps your kids elevate vital 21st-century skills like Logical thinking, Computational thinking, Sequencing and many more. This will not help students to pick up advanced coding courses in future but also will help them to think critically and find solutions to problems. There are no prerequisites to joining this course. Students will be taught using open-sourced Scratch software.

Students will learn to apply logics, understand phonics and the basics of coding structures. They will be working on live projects and will be provided access to self-learning modules for practice and self-exploration. After completion of this course, students can pick up next level courses like Mobile App Development, Game Development, STEAM & Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Python.


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