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Internship: Arduino Programming

Course Overview

All of us, while watching Sci-fi movies, must have wonder if some of the gadgets that they use are actually possible to make like the one in the Spider-man movies where Peter Parker just presses the button of his keyboard and *THUD* the door is locked. what if, i told you that these kinds of things are actually possible to make with the help of Arduino.

Today, electronic is becoming much more friendly hobby for many people around the world and it is all because of Arduino. A platform that would allow us to easily combine hardware and software and do things that were unthinkable before. It is very easy to learn and with the combination of our step by step program, the learning will be much more fun.

Join the world’s most active electronics community with us!

Course objective:

The sole objective of this course is to ease you all with Arduino. All the programs and projects that we are going to develop are using C language.

Learning outcome :

After the completion of this course you all will be familiar with:

  1. Arduino as IDE, programming language, and platform
  2. Interfacing multiple sensors with Arduino board.
  3. Concept of Digital and Analog pins.
  4. Skills to design various smart system applications, LED and Buzzers.

Group Sessions: Batch of 3-4 Students

1:1 Sessions: Individual Student


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