Introduction of AI as a skill subject by CBSE

The rapid advancements in the technology has forced everyone to become a part of it. Artificial Intelligence, Automation and many other futuristic technologies are now impacting our day-to-day lives in one or the other form. Introduction of AI as a skill subject for students from Class IX by CBSE if not revolutionary but a remarkable step as it will align the young minds towards the technology what they would be surrounded with in their future. AI is believed to be the future for the millennials and empowering the students in AI will help them to understand the know’s and how’s of this technology and will also enable the students to be prepared for the future challenges.

As per the NEP 2020, Coding has been mandated from Grade 6 onward which also will include AI as a skill module. Introducing AI at an earlier level (Grade VI to VIII) will help the students not only form a base for Class IX but will also put them a step ahead in understanding the roots of the technology. We, at Tinker Coders, offer them a path from Consumer-to-Innovator-to-Creator (CIC Approach) which is a Unique & Proprietary Methodology & Pedagogy. We believe that all of us are consumers of technology, and we can go through a transition of becoming an Innovator through Activity-based learning (ABL). We have created programs and methodology over AI that offers students a wide variety of activities and comprehensive understanding bagged by hands-on learning. Once they become an Innovator, the students can further undergo a transition to being a Creator of technology through Project-based learning (PBL). Students will not be able to garner and hone their skills in technology, it will also help them to understand other important aspects like how AI should be used only in the favour of the mankind, the ethics of AI, advantages and disadvantages of AI for the mankind and the planet. Moreover, the 21st-Century come along the way in the entire process when the students are exposed to Coding and Experiential Learning, which again is a positive for introducing AI as a skill module from Class VI onward.

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