Web Development – Expert

JavaScript — Dynamic client-side scripting

Introduction to JavaScript
Data types and variables
String concatenation, indexing and slicing
Math operations
Functions in JavaScript
Conditional statements
While and For loops
Introduction to Document Object Model (DOM)
HTML with JavaScript
Styling With JavaScript
Attributes and text manipulation using JavaScript
JavaScript event listeners
Higher order functions
Object and methods
Keypress event listener
Callback function
Basics of JQuery

Database management

Basics of DB
SQL CRUD query

Deploy your Webpage on cloud

Web Development – Intermediate

Art of Web Designing

Prepare your website prototype – Wireframing vs Mockup
Choose a right colour palette – Colour Theory
Choose a correct font and layout
Built a visual hierarchy
User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) design
Build a Mockup using Canva and deploy

Bootstrap – 4

Introduction to bootstrap
Bootstrap buttons
Bootstrap Navbar
Bootstrap Container
Bootstrap Grid layout
Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Progress bar
Bootstrap Dropdown and Spinners
Bootstrap Carousel
Bootstrap Card
Bootstrap Toast message
Bootstrap Z-index and Stacking
Bootstrap media query breakpoint

Web Development – Beginner

HTML – Structuring the web

Basic HTML tags
Understanding HTML boilerplate
HTML list
HTML Image tag
Anchor and and links
HTML tables
HTML Forms
HTML styling
Div and Section
Adding Favicon
Assignment – Make a basic HTML website

CSS – Styling the web

Inline vs internal vs external CSS
Anatomy of CSS
CSS selectors
Class and id selector
Pseudo class and pseudo elements
Borders, Margin, and Padding
CSS Box model
CSS overflow
Font Awesome and Google icons
CSS display properties Block, Inline, Inline-Block, and None
CSS positioning Static, Relative, and Absolute
Font Embedding
CSS animation
Assignment – Blog website using HTML/CSS

Coding Summer Camp AI-Python – 2 weeks- Grade 9-12

Python and Real World AI

Python Block Coding simplifies the art of coding for young minds, where with the help of the visual blocks students can

experiment and create their own Graphics, Animation and Python Codes.

This Block Coding Course from Tinker Coders helps your kids elevate vital 21st-century skills like Logical thinking, Computational thinking, Sequencing and many more. This will not help students to pick up advanced coding courses in future but also will help to think critically and find solutions to problems. There are no prerequisites to joining this course. Students will be taught using our in-house build Platform AI Connect.

Students will learn to apply logics, understand phonics and the basics of coding structures. They will be working on live projects and will be provided access to self-learning modules for practice and self-exploration. After completion of this course, students can pick up next level courses like Mobile App Development, Game Development, STEAM & Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Python.