Internship: 3D Designing

The real magic in 3D printing happens when you are able to create your own designs.  We will learn how to use TinkerCad to design different Models and functional products that can be 3D printed.  Each lesson will build on the prior to introduce design concepts.  TinkerCad is free for students and hobbyists and is a very powerful designing tool.  By the end of the course you will have the skills and confidence to begin creating your own designs and start turning your ideas into physical objects.

Internship: App Development

Gone are the days when building an app required prior programming experience. This made teaching application development to young minds difficult with limited resources available.

Tinker Coders’ innovative and interactive curriculum and unique methodologies are helping students design and develop their very own apps for Android. Our team with more than 5 years of teaching experience in mobile application development is teaching students to build cool mobile applications.


With Tinker Coders Mobile App Development Course, your kid will learn to design and develop apps and games for mobiles. This mobile app developed has been designed with perfection involving unique methodologies for K-12 students as it doesn’t require any prior coding experience.

Students will use visual-block based programming, which will lay a strong foundation for further programming languages like Python. They will learn about integrating different layouts, designing interfaces, collecting data from phone sensors, and publishing apps on the Google Play platform. The course will allow the students to craft their imaginations into realities and become a problem-solver. With Mobile App Development Course, students will be exposed to Project-based learning, one of the pillars of our unique CIC (Consumer-Innovator-Creator) approach.

Internship: Scratch


Block Coding simplifies the art of coding for young minds, where with the help of the visual blocks students can experiment and create their own games, animations and stories.

This Block Coding Course from Tinker Coders helps your kids elevate vital 21st-century skills like Logical thinking, Computational thinking, Sequencing and many more. This will not help students to pick up advanced coding courses in future but also will help to think critically and find solutions to problems. There are no prerequisites to joining this course. Students will be taught using open-sourced Scratch software.

Students will learn to apply logics, understand phonics and the basics of coding structures. They will be working on live projects and will be provided access to self-learning modules for practice and self-exploration. After completion of this course, students can pick up next level courses like Mobile App Development, Game Development, STEAM & Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Python.