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About Us

Building an ecosystem for amplifying 21st Century Skills among K-12 Students

Why Tinkercoders?

Tinker Coders, an Edtech company, is an Online Live & Interactive Coding & Experiential Learning Platform for K-12 students. We are offering the 21st-Century students an opportunity to explore, experience and bring innovation in STEAM Education, Robotics, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Coding and most importantly, empowering young minds to be able to solve real-life challenges. We are thriving to build an ecosystem where students aspire to think beyond coding and become problem-solvers using coding & experiential learning as the key tools. Our methodology helps students to go through a journey from being a Consumer of technology, to becoming Innovator and then finally a Creator, what we call as CIC (Consumer-Innovator-Creator) approach.


We have designed our curriculum and activities in such a manner that helps the students to understand the future needs, and we are dedicated to exploring opportunities for the integration of technology with the new age learning, breaking the contemporary learning silos. Our aim is to prepare the young generation future ready.

Mission & Vision


The Mission of the company is to build an ecosystem to make Coding & Experiential Learning a crucial tool where kids become smart in their academics and solve real-world problems. We want digital education to a be a viable option for students coming from all the sections of society across the globe.


Tinker Coders aspire the kids to think Beyond Coding and become a Problem-Solver. The company’s objective is to create awareness around ‘Learn through Coding & Experiential Learning’, which helps students to elevate core skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Computational Thinking and Problem-Solving. Our motive is to promote Coding & Experiential Learning not only as a skill-subject but as a hobby for all the students.

Become a part of the Global Digital Disruption Today!

Coding & Experiential Learning has become the basic literacy in the digital age. Irrespective of your child’s ambitions, Coding & Experiential Learning should be adopted as a tool to explore a bundled opportunity that lie within for enhancing the key 21st Century skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Computational Thinking, Cognitive Skills, Analytical Skills, Critical Thinking and many more. Join us today and let your kid learn beyond coding and become a problem-solver.

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